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May 15, 2013
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tumblr lhd0upZbbH1qhx3bmo1 500 by XxPUFFINxX

This really was going t
o be a long night! 


You were being thrown onto the bed, by Arthur, having him crawl on-top of you. 
He tied your wrists together and questioned himself. "Mmmmmm... Where shall I start, love?" He said with a lust smile. 
You layed there silent not knowing what to do. 
"Have you ever kissed anyone, love?" Arthur asked. 

You nod your head no and he smirks at your answer. "Still a virgin, I see." He said. "But tonight.... I'm changing that~" He whispered in your ear with complete hunger in his voice. And with that he licked the shell of your earlobe, causing shivers down your spine. He then planted soft kisses from your ear, to your cheek, to your soft pink lips. 

After some minutes of your lips moving in sync, you felt his tongue slip into your mouth! And you didn't resist. Actually, you had to admit you kind of like it. He explored his new territory causing you to lightly moan into his mouth. That really turned him on! He broke the kiss with a string of saliva connecting your lips. 

His green eyes travel down to your breasts and up to your neck. He attacks your neck with love bites and kisses. You grind your hips against his, as a signal that he found that soft spot on your neck. He groaned against your neck feeling his hot breathe against you which gave you goosebumps on your arms. 

He pulled off your shirt to only reveal your black bra. He unclips your bra and throws it somewhere in the room and puts his hot mouth over your left breast as he massaged the right breasts. This made you a moaning mess. After some time he switched breasts giving it the same treatment.
Once he was done with your breasts he trailed his wet tongue down your stomach to the waist line of your pants. He un-buttons and un-zips your pants using his teeth. This made you wetter by the moment. He took off your pants and teased your women-hood through your wet panties. "Someones excited~" He said. "Shut up" You protested. "This isn't even fair! Your fully dressed!" You said. 
"Your right! My apologies!" He said with his gentlemen voice. Wait! This guy was a pirate?! And a gentlemen?! 

Your thoughts were cut when you saw his toned and muscled chest. You blush at the sight and travel your eyes down to his toned abs. Then you couldn't help it but travel down further and stare at the 'tent' in his boxers. 

He saw the lust in your (e/c) eyes and un-tied your wrists. As soon as your wrists were free, you set them on his shoulders and kiss him passionately  He then, pulls you up by your waists, with you wrapping your legs around his waists, as he stood on his knees on the bed. He caressed your thighs rubbing your inner legs. You moaned into his mouth causing him to drop you on the bed, pulling off your panties and his boxers. He positioned himself at his entrance and pushes himself inside you. 

You scream in pain at his size. "Don't worry... the pain will go away, I promise~" He huskily whispered into your ear. 
After a few minutes the pain was replaced with pure pleasure! You moaned giving him the approval to move. And with that, he started a slow pace as he thrusted inside you. You clutch against his body as he 'pleasured' you. He quicken the pace within minutes and the pleasure just got higher and higher! 

"Scream" He demanded. "Let everyone know who makes you feel this good~ Who you belong too~" He asked with lust in voice. 

"A-Arthur~" You managed to moan out. 

"Louder...!" He Demanded.

"ARTHUR!!" You screamed as you reached your climax. 

"_-_______" Arthur screamed. Arthur then spilled his seed into you causing you both to sigh in pleasure and exhaustion. 

He pulled out you, flopping next to you on the bed, your breaths un-even. 

You can feel your eye lids getting heavy, about to close your eyes when you feel a strong pair of arms pull you into a warm chest. 
"I love you~" He said, and with that he fell asleep. 

Should you say you love him back? I mean. you just met the guy and he took your virginity. But for some reason this guy seems 'really' into you. Maybe you can learn to like this guy? No! That wasnt your plan. You personally wanted to get the hell out of here! But what just occurred  was probably the best thing that has ever happened to you. Maybe you do wanna stay. Just stay here away from your drunk father and your boring little town you called home! Maybe this is a new beginning?

"I love you too.." You say with a whisper and drift into sleep. 

This isn't just a new beginning! This is going to be a new romantic beginning with the man you love~ 


I feel so dirty! (lol jk jk) But anyway Part 2 of Pirate! england, my friends! :D

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: Your here, you silly goose! ^w^ 
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: coming soon


I no own Pirate Iggy! He belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz: 
I no own you, you belong to you. 
but i own the story, it belongs to me and you belong to :iconsexyiggyplz:
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